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Государственное автономное учреждение здравоохранения города Москвы

Стоматологическая поликлиника №15

Департамента здравоохранения города Москва

Вызов врача на дом

8 (495) 686-01-94

Отделения по оказанию
платных медицинских услуг

8 (919) 995-28-65

ортопедического отделения

8 (495) 687-50-65

Горячая линия поликлиники

8 (985) 582-24-76

терапевтического отделения

8 (495) 686-01-94

г. Москва
ул. Староалексеевская, дом. 10


Medical tourism

State Autonomous healthcare institution of city Moscow «Dental clinic № 15 of the Department of health of Moscow» opened in 1980. The institution is located in the North-Eastern administrative district, in one of the historical districts of Moscow — «Alekseevsky».

The main activity-the provision of specialized dental care assistance to population.

In GAUZ «SP No. 15 DZM» dental care is provided: therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic dentistry, implantology, periodontics and radiological studies.

You can register for a paid appointment by phone of the paid Department 8 (919)995-28-65, with a personal appeal to the registry of the paid Department or via the Internet on the website of the polyclinic. You will be assigned an appointment date at a convenient time for You. For clarification, you can contact the administrator of the polyclinic on duty or by phone «Hot line» 8 (985) 582-24-76

Leading specialist:

Ivankova Marina Vladimirovna

Head of the Department of orthopedic dentistry, the doctor-the stomatologist-orthopedist
Aesthetic dentistry, aesthetic restorations, ceramic veneers, luminaires, metal-free ceramics, complete and aesthetic rehabilitation of patients with partial and complete absence of teeth, prosthetics on implants.
Annual participant of dental symposia, scientific conferences, scientific publications published in the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Zolotukhina Irina Anatolyevna

Dental treatment under the microscope, internship in Israel, therapeutic dental treatment of any complexity, teeth whitening, direct composite veneers, aesthetic restorations, splinting of movable teeth.
An annual participant in the dental sections

Dikhanova Vasilisa Grigorievna

Head of the Department of therapeutic dentistry, dentist-therapist, candidate of medical Sciences
Aesthetic restoration of teeth using light polymerization composites of the latest generation. Dental treatment under the microscope. Treatment of complicated forms of caries with canal filling with gutta-percha pins. Splinting of teeth. Non-surgical treatment of periodontal apparatus «Vector». Professional hygiene of the oral cavity, airflow. Bleaching.

Tsybulin Ivan Ivanovich

Dental treatment under the microscope of any complexity, whitening, direct composite veneers, aesthetic restoration of teeth, treatment of malocclusion, owns the latest techniques used in therapeutic dentistry.
Annual participant of dental symposiums, scientific conferences, seminars.

Suleymanov Said Lemaevich

Dentist surgeon, implantologist
Removal of teeth of any complexity, bone grafting, open and closed sinus lifting, installation of dental implants, Express implantation, tooth-preserving operations, removal of tumors and cysts

Help phone:

8 (495) 686-01-94 — registry of the Department of therapeutic dentistry, doctor’s call at home

8 (495) 687-50-65 — registry of the Department of orthopaedic dentistry

8(919) 995-28-65 — Registry of the Department of paid medical services

8 (495) 687-50-64 — duty Fax

«Hot line» polyclinics tel.: 8 (985) 582-24-76

For the operative decision of the arising questions of medical support administration of GAUZ «SP No. 15 DZM» recommends to address to the duty administrator of establishment.

E-mail: sp15@zdrav.mos.ru


On the metro-station Alekseevskaya, Kaluga-Riga branch. The exit in city on station one. From the center you need to sit in the 3rd car from the tail of the train, climb the escalator to the station lobby. From the metro-exit to Prospekt Mira (100 m.), on the sidewalk turn right (towards VDNH) and along Prospekt Mira (200 m.) — to the end of the house number 116. Then turn right, on the street Staroalekseevskaya, 150 meters on the sidewalk on the right of our clinic. Entrance to the clinic — through the main entrance from the street.

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